Worksite Agreement

Worksite Agreement

We want to identify area employers and partners, who are eager to be part of the City of Wilmington Youth Career Development Program. Remember when you had your first job and how it made a difference in your life? When youth are constructively engaged, it reduces their chances of risky behaviors. Having a job gives teens an opportunity to earn money and provides first-hand knowledge about managing money. Students may learn about various industries, which helps strengthen their post-graduation resumes and gives them a head start on figuring out what kind of career interest them.

Young people who work during the summer months tend to do better in school, according to exit surveys. These students learn the importance of being on time and doing what is asked of them. These skills often transfer into academic achievements, once school begins again. In addition, teens that have jobs tend to be more confident because they've learned that they are responsible. Teens with jobs have a better chance of getting full-time employment upon graduation. By being conscientious and responsible employees, they make connections that can give them reference letters for college and/or other employers. Local businesses can hire high youth workers to fill temporary vacancies without paying fees to temporary placement agencies and can train workers, who may eventually join the company full-time.

 The Youth Career Development Program is designed to engage city residents, in having a productive summer, filled with work-based learning that helps to launch their careers. Youth are exposed (many for the first time) to the world of work that enables them to learn about the variety of occupations available, in and around Wilmington. Each youth has the opportunity to work, by earning federal minimum wage , are encouraged to participate in job readiness training.

During , the recruitment and registration phase of the program, YCD staff will confirm eligibility and help determine an appropriate job match for each participant by carefully reviewing the applicant's age, career interests, skills and abilities.

he YCD program is seeking interested worksites that will offer the city’s youth workers:

  • A safe place to work.
  • Worksite mentoring and supervision that ensured youth are fully engaged every day. (Under no circumstances should youth be paid for idle time. This constitutes poor planning and lack of exemplary supervision).
  • A clear understanding of the worksite's mission and goals.
  • Career exposure and work-based learning experiences.
  • Instruction in, and protocols for, workplace safety.
  • Guidance in providing strong customer service.
  • Enhanced growth and learning opportunities.


 The focus of the YCD summer employment program is to:

  • Support youth in becoming ready for success in the workplace by integrating strong work ethics and fully understanding what's required for upward mobility in the workplace.
  • Exposing youth to potential career interests.
  • Learning to consider and contribute to their City of Wilmington neighborhoods and communities.
  • Increases awareness about responsible energy consumption and environmentally responsible actions.

 YCD  summer worksites will be selected based on the following criteria:

  • Clearly stated mission
  • Accessibility of leadership via e-mail, texting and phone and the ability to file on-line applications.
  • Completion of a site audit for non-government agency worksites and, whenever possible, interviews with supervisory staff members with YCD staff members.
  • Exposes youth to careers in high-growth industries ;
    • Business Services
    • Computer, Internet & Data Services
    • Construction
    • Green Jobs
    • Health Care and Social Assistance
    • Hospitality & Tourism
    • Port & Port Related Services
  • The organization's demonstrated ability to manage, accurately monitor and submit payroll data.
  • Variety of skills developed, range of duties and tasks performed.
  • Exposure to industry training beyond the current workplace.

Questions concerning completion of this worksite application may be directed to  YCD Staff at 302-576-3822




Thie program requires that worksites have at least one supervisor per 1-10 youth workers. Failure to comply with this ratio will eliminate this application from consideration and/or closure of a worksite that fails to comply. All worksites must have a designated representative, who will provide mentoring, supportive supervision, written feedback on the performance and growth of each trainee posted daily.

Youth should not leave their worksite any time during their assigned work hours without supervision, this includes lunch. This person is required to participate in a mandatory YCD Orientation/Training sessions. 

After submission of this worksite request form, any staffing changes or cancellation on the part of the worksite must be immediately reported to YCD
 Staff. You can report any changes to your assigned counselor or the YCD Program office at  the Youth Career Development staff at 302-576-3822. 


By clicking the I agree button below and continuing with the application process, you acknowledge that you have reviewed and understand the information above.

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